The Best Steps for Finding the Perfect Roommate

There are plenty of ways you can tell someone is the perfect roommate.

The ideal roommate will sometimes feel like an impossible dream for many. Anyone who has ever shared an apartment unit has an opinion about what makes the perfect roomie. And, of course, any person who has a bad roommate is happy to tell you all about their horror stories, potentially scaring you off of the idea entirely. However, living with a roomie could be excellent for people who not only want to save money on rent payments but who also enjoy being social and sharing their homes with somebody else. If you remember that judging roommates is relative, and if you remember what is most important for you, you could find the best roommate. Read on to learn more!

The First Step: Understanding What Makes a Good Roommate

It is crucial to remember what a roommate actually is. While you are hoping to become friends with your roommate, you are not searching for a friend but a roommate. Just because you are friends with someone does not mean you’d be solid match for each other. Think about compatibility before likability. Are your sleeping schedules alike? Does the potential roommate prefer quiet while you enjoy playing music? How often do you think your house should be cleaned? Subjects like these are important to discuss with roommates, but not friends.

The Second Step: Is Having a Roommate the Right Move?

Deciding to share your personal space with a person, especially if they are a stranger, is a serious decision, so make sure you think it over carefully. Weigh the different cons and pros of the situation and decide if having roommates is the best choice for you at this time. Sometimes, roommates are the best decision, and sometimes, they can be too much. If you decide to look for a roommate, make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. Just because you have had a roomie before does not mean you need one again. Even if your old experience was positive, those were different circumstances, so factor in any changes.

The Third Step: Find a Roommate

If you have decided to live with a roommate, and you know which kind of roommate you’d like to live with, you can start to find the person. You can find someone online if you do not know anyone you would like to live with. There are countless roommate-matching websites which let you create a profile or ad, look through a database, and schedule meet-ups with possible matches. Once you have found a few candidates, take your time to get to know them.

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