How to Keep Your Apartment Free of All Pet Odors

There are many ways to keep your apartment free of all pet odors!

No matter how much you love your fuzzy friends, you probably don’t like their odors. There isn’t anything more frustrating than lying down on your couch only to be met with the scent of your dog. Sitting down and watching a movie is not enjoyable, only to realize that your favorite blanket is covered completely with cat hair. So, what is the solution to this? Read on to learn how to keep your apartment free of all pet odors!

Clean Up Accidents Quickly and Thoroughly

Even very well-trained pets are able to have the occasional accident. The best way to prevent stains and lasting odors is to take action immediately. Make sure you remove the entirety of the mess and then apply a stain and odor remover to your affected space. If you prefer more natural products, make sure you only use one that includes baking soda.

Consistent Bathing and Grooming

Consistent brushing and bathing your pets is one other excellent way to maintain control. A lot of breeds of cats don’t require baths, so only bathe them if and when your veterinarian tells you to. You should, however, brush your cats on a normal basis to limit how much they shed throughout the rest of your home. This will also reduce the likelihood of any hairballs so that you will be preventing two types of messes! Most dog breeds can handle normal baths, so consider incorporating that into your own routine. Brushing your dog will also limit the amount of hair that you find around your apartment. If you have a dog breed that sheds all the time, reach out to your groomer to see what they say.

Vacuuming and Dusting Your Apartment to Avoid Pet Odors

Another serious contributor to pet odors in the home is the hair that they leave everywhere they walk to. If you regularly vacuum and dust, then you’ll keep much of this hair under control. Not only that, but you will also find yourself using a fewer amount of lint rollers and other products to remove their hair from your furniture and clothes. If you’ve got a rug or carpet, consider getting a tool to rake the hair out of fabrics. This will help you remove plenty of hair to go along with vacuuming your apartment unit.

Open Your Patio or Balcony Windows to Keep the Pet Odors Out

Sometimes, the easiest solutions can make the biggest differences. If you find yourself home on a mild Fall day, consider opening the balcony or patio windows and letting some fresh air inside your apartment unit. This will help freshen up the apartment and get the pet odor out!

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