Figuring Out the Best Apartment Floor for You to Live On

You have to consider what you want in your apartment and your daily activities to figure out which apartment floor works best.

While looking for an apartment unit, you should not forget to factor in which level of your apartment community you will be living in. The floor you pick will make a difference to multiple factors that might influence your enjoyment of your new spot. There is not always one “perfect” floor. Instead, you have to consider what you want in your apartment and your daily activities to figure out which apartment floor works best for you to live on. Read on for some comparisons and considerations between the top, middle, and bottom apartment floors.

The Bottom Apartment Floor

One of the top advantages of living on the bottom floor is that you do not have to worry about moving furniture or bags of groceries up huge flights of stairs. If you are always in a hurry or coming and going a lot, living on the bottom floor could mean getting in and out of your apartment a lot quicker. Since nobody lives underneath you, you could also dance or walk around all you wish without worrying about disturbing those underneath you. Finally, the bottom floor will stay cooler than the upper floors, so you can save money on cooling temperatures during spring and summer.

Middle Apartment Floors

If you want the main advantages of both the bottom and top floors, someplace in the middle floors might be the best option for you. A higher floor means you will hear less street noise or people walking around than you would on the first floor. If you have an apartment balcony, your view will also be similar to those on the higher floors. The inside temperature of your apartment will remain consistent throughout the whole year, which makes it easier to budget for possible utility costs.

The Top Apartment Floor

The top floors could offer excellent views, especially of cityscapes. You also get a lot more natural light throughout your windows. This could be good during the winter but might mean more cooling costs during the summer. Those higher costs might not be an issue. If you care more about living in an apartment that will not have noisy neighbors overhead. If you’re looking for an apartment unit with excellent views and less noise, the top floor could be the best apartment floor for you and your roommates. Make sure you take these considerations into account when you are looking for your next apartment!

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