How to Live with a Dog in Your Apartment

Bringing a dog into your apartment has unique considerations you have to make.

A dog is an excellent addition to any home, but bringing a dog into your apartment has unique considerations. As much as we love our fuzzy friends, there is a bit of work to do if you own a dog. Keep some of these crucial factors in mind to help you enjoy a comfortable life in your apartment with your dog. Read on to learn more!

Know and Respect Your Lease or Contract

When you rent an apartment unit, your rental agreement or association contract outlines the regulations and rules of your domicile. Before you commit to the apartment life with your dog:

  1. Make sure you’ve read and understood your agreement.
  2. If you have questions, get in touch with your management company or landlord to help clarify what is permitted.
  3. Most importantly, respect the contract that you initially agreed to.

Trying to hide a pet can result in a breach of contract, which can then result in an eviction notice if the dog is not removed from your apartment.

Get into a Routine

Dogs are like kids; they benefit immensely from a routine. Master the art of apartment living with a dog by developing a pattern for time outside. Take them out to the same area at the same time every day to give them a structured restroom routine. Dogs will find this reassuring, and it helps them develop a habit of going to the bathroom, which helps with training them if they’re a puppy.

Know Your Dog Well

Apartment life with a dog is easy if you understand your dog’s personality well. Be aware of if your dog likes to whine or bark, especially when you are out of the house. It is also crucial to know if your dog has to be crated to avoid possible damage, either from accidents in the bathroom or destructive chewing activity. Knowing what your dog requires will help you mitigate damage to the entire apartment, issues with neighbors, and behavioral issues with the dog.

Live on the Ground Floor if Possible

If you already have dogs, or know when you move in, you plan on getting one, make it a point to ask for an apartment on the ground floor. Taking a dog outside multiple times a day can become taxing if you have to scale the stairs every time. In addition, the clicking of the dog’s nails or the thumping of big dogs runs the risk of disturbing any neighbors downstairs. Some dogs might struggle with stairs, making them a safety hazard for it. Stay on the ground floor if you can for easy access.

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