Good Qualities That Your Landlord Will Appreciate

It can go a long way in establishing a positive landlord-tenant relationship.

Finding and working with a good landlord can be a positive experience. But if you’re a good tenant, it can go a long way in establishing a positive landlord-tenant relationship. While what’s required of you starts and stops at the terms outlined in your lease, going above and beyond to be a good tenant while you’re there can help improve the overall experience.

Make life easier for everyone involved by being the kind of tenant your landlord never has to worry about. To do so, here are a few qualities that they look for and will appreciate.

Be On Time With Rent with Your Landlord

Making that one big payment on time every month helps a lot. Not only is it one of your largest monthly expenses, but it’s also one of your landlord’s largest sources of income. If you’re consistently late with rent even if there’s a grace period in your lease, it may put them in a tough spot that hinders their ability to pay their mortgage or meet other financial obligations.

If there’s a reason you’re struggling to pay on time, talk to your landlord, be honest, and be open about wanting to solve the issue. Most landlords will appreciate anyone who takes the step to fix the issue and it might be as simple as moving to an online payment processor instead of mailing an old-fashioned check.

Be Mindful of Your Guests

Having some friends over here and there is all fine and good, but having long-term guests without checking in isn’t. That’s because your long-term guests are unscreened and aren’t on the lease, which could cause potential liability issues for you as well. Most landlords want to avoid this so that they know who is responsible for the property at all times. If you’re going to have long-term guests, give your landlord a heads up first.

Report Maintenance Issues with Your Landlord

A home or apartment is an investment for a landlord, which means they will appreciate any attempts you make to help protect that investment. That includes regular maintenance tasks, so if you realize there’s a plumbing or electrical problem, tell your landlord right away instead of putting it off. They’d much rather know about it ASAP so they can prevent the issue from getting worse rather than risk their property and facing damage.

Maintain a Clean Space

Landlords are aware of course that different tenants are going to have different attitudes toward cleanliness and ultimately, how you choose to keep your space is up to you while you’re paying for it. But being messy can end up causing maintenance problems or inviting unwanted pests. 

Keep your space clean—or at least, clean enough to prevent any long-term issues—and your landlord will be appreciative.

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