When Does Your Apartment Guest Become a Tenant?

When does a guest really become a tenant in your apartment?

While hosting your friends or family in your apartment, knowing your rights as an apartment tenant is essential. If it has not happened to you, you probably know some friends or family who have been in this scenario. A friend or family member comes to visit, and they do not seem to have any intention of leaving. Maybe it is because they’ve had a run of bad luck and need time to get their life together. Or perhaps a significant other started spending more time at your apartment instead of their own place. Regardless, their presence is beginning to feel more like a roommate than a guest. The only issue is you are still paying rent and utilities by yourself. So, when does a guest really become a tenant?

Have Guests Overstayed Their Welcome?

Speaking legally, a tenant is someone named on the rental or lease agreement and responsible for paying rent and agreeing not to ruin the property. A guest is somebody not named on the rental or lease agreement who stays with you with the intention of leaving after a short visit. Unless your lease or rental agreement states a certain time period for guests, there is no designated timeframe for how long guests are able to stay. Of course, if your guest has not been talking about leaving any time soon or they avoid answering your questions about when they are headed home, this could be cause for concern.

Making the Switch from Guest to Tenant

In addition to how long your guest stays, there are other factors for when a guest should become a tenant. For example, has your guest started to talk about your place as their home? Are they listing your address when they apply for jobs or school? Have they moved in their own furniture or personal items? These are all indications that they consider your place their home. You need to make the call for when a guest becomes a tenant to avoid potential legal issues if it looks like your guest has no real intentions of leaving. If your landlord notices your guest has become more of a permanent resident, he might serve you with a notice to terminate your lease or rental agreement for adding another tenant without letting them know. You’re responsible for repairs or replacing damages if your guest destroys them. Even if you’ve got renters insurance, the policy might not cover damages that happen. Keep this in mind for the future.

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