How to Work From Home in a Smaller Apartment

We have some tips for those who live in a smaller apartment.

Many people work from home these days, and even if they aren’t spending every work day at home, this ever-changing world we find ourselves in often requires us to be able to stay productive when we do find ourselves at home. And while working remotely has its benefits, it can also be difficult to stay focused with other people around or any other factors that may make it difficult to stay focused.

If you only have a little bit of room in your smaller apartment to work with, you may dread your work days. How are you supposed to get all of your tasks done in a smaller apartment that can feel claustrophobic at times? Thankfully, we have some tips for those who live in a smaller apartment.

Pick Your Spot in Your Smaller Apartment

The most important part of this is finding an area you can make your own. And in a smaller apartment, having a dedicated workspace can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. The checklist is simple: somewhere quiet, comfortable, with an electrical outlet, surfaces to work on, and somewhere to sit. That might mean relegating a seat at your two-person dining room table to being a home office during your work week, but as long as it meets all of those requirements, it should function just fine.

Utilize Work Surfaces in Your Smaller Apartment

As alluded to with the dining room table example, you may need to get creative here. If you’re in a small space, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to fit an extra desk in your home for working at. If you’re especially creative, you already know that your lap can work in a pinch. Otherwise, a countertop, kitchen island, or coffee table are all fair game and may end up being your future work surface.

Keep it Neat and Organized

Maintaining a well-organized small workplace is crucial, although it may present challenges, particularly if multiple individuals share the same space. Nonetheless, it’s essential to make an effort in designating this area as your personal sanctuary.

Your workspace should primarily foster productivity. Eliminate distractions, ensuring that only job-related items are present. If you find yourself working at the kitchen table, make sure to clear away placemats and any other items associated with the table’s usual function. If you’re utilizing a coffee table or ottoman as your workspace, relocate any discarded toys or magazines to a different location. Working amidst reminders of your other responsibilities at home can be highly disruptive and hinder your ability to focus.

All the Supplies You Need

Ensuring that your workspace is equipped with the necessary supplies goes beyond simply removing excess items. Strive for a minimalistic approach that optimizes space utilization. Remember, you’ll eventually have to relocate everything, so less is indeed better.

In reality, all you truly need are your computer, phone, and perhaps a compact notebook for jotting down notes or important details. Often, we have a tendency to spread out and occupy the available space, so it’s advantageous to limit the room and bring only essential items into your workspace.

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