How to Deal With Loud Apartment Neighbors

When you experience noisy neighbors, being prepared and equipped with the right ways to handle the situation can immediately make your life a lot easier.

There is really no denying that having loud apartment neighbors can be tough to deal with — and really hard to circumnavigate overall. In fact, if you are dealing with a noisy neighbor, there are some simple yet effective ways to navigate the dynamic and live in your apartment without worrying about not being able to sleep or watch TV without disruptions generally. For the most part, your lease will usually specify rules and regulations surrounding noise — so going to your landlord with a complaint can be one way to deal with this specific type of situation. The reality is, when you are home, you probably don’t want to deal with loud noises that you can’t control. Ultimately, when you experience noisy neighbors, being prepared and equipped wit the right ways to handle the situation can immediately make your life a lot easier — and hopefully calmer. Here are some effective and efficient ways to properly handle a noisy neighbor situation in an apartment — or living in any type of housing — so you can get some peace and quiet inside your home.

Knowing Your Renter Rights

Since you are a renter and have signed a lease, it is important that you find it and know your rights as a renter. In fact, your lease will usually have a specific clause in it dedicated to describing the rules and regulations surrounding noise and noise violations — and that can be a great way to better understand what is reasonable and what isn’t in terms of noise from your neighbors. For the most part, loud neighbors are disruptive, but depending on the time of day, there might not be much you can do about it — so knowing your rights as a renter can be helpful. The reality is, your lease will specify quiet hours and what they are — which can provide you with some useful information. Ultimately, dog barking and motorcycle noise are typically regulated and can usually be found in your lease.

Being Polite And Nice

When it comes to how to manage a noisy neighbor situation, it often is best to be kind and nice. In fact, begin with a simple knock on your neighbors’ door letting them know that they are being noisy and it’s causing you to be distracted and lose that quiet enjoyment you are entitled to as a renter. The reality is, being cordial to your neighbors can often be the best way to remedy the issue — maybe your neighbors didn’t realize how noisy they were actually being. 

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