How to Clean Your Apartment for Spring

If you live in an apartment, your spring cleaning tasks might be smaller, but they’re not non-existent.

Spring is one of the most beautiful and busy times of the year. Many people fill all of their free time during the spring with landscaping and home improvement projects or with the eternally popular spring cleaning tasks. If you live in an apartment, your spring cleaning tasks might be smaller, but they’re not non-existent. If you’re looking for budget-friendly ideas for how to spring clean and refresh your apartment this year, we’ve got you covered.

Deal With The Clutter for Spring Cleaning

The biggest problem in most apartments, and in most homes for that matter is clutter. Clutter is all the stuff that accumulates and needs a good “home” but doesn’t really have one. This could include old mail, newspapers or magazines, or any miscellaneous stuff you’ve collected through the months – basically, if it is laying around and making your apartment look untidy because you don’t know where to store it, it’s probably clutter. Clutter is also hard to deal with because if you had a good place to store the stuff, you would. Take the clutter problem one room, drawer, or surface at a time. Ask yourself why you’re keeping it: if it has sentimental value, display it; if it is sensitive information, destroy it, otherwise, throw it out, recycle it, or donate it.

Rearrange Your Furniture for Spring Cleaning

When you live in a smaller space, it can start to feel stale a little more quickly than in a multi-room house, but you don’t necessarily need all new furniture. Instead, try rearranging things to give the whole apartment a brand new feel without a price tag. Moving everything around will also allow you to really do a good job on the other item on this list, since you can get to the clutter, dust, and pet fur that is under or behind the furniture.

Deep Clean

Now for the cleaning part of spring cleaning! Since you’re moving furniture around, this is a great time to clean under stuff as well. Choose a warm and sunny day and open the windows if you can. Let in lots of fresh air and clean everything. It might feel like an overwhelming task, so take it one room or space at a time. Start with the entryway (which should be clutter free by now), and dust all of the surfaces, mop the floors (including under any of the furniture that you’re moving around), and clean the windows. Move to the kitchen and clean out (and under or behind) the fridge, clean and rearrange your small appliances, declutter and organize the cabinets and drawers, then scrub the surfaces and mop the floor. Do the same thing in the bathroom, the guest room, your bedroom, and then the rest of the spaces in your apartment. 

Add Something New

Once everything is decluttered, clean, and rearranged, it is time to add something new if you still want to. You may find that the new clean look is refreshing enough, but if not, consider new pillows, bedding, or towels, or consider adding some plants or art to liven things up.

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