The Best Dog Breeds for Your Apartment Unit

Apartment management companies allow dogs with calm dispositions and are safe to be around other tenants.

Are you a dog owner wanting to move into an apartment unit? Are you already a renter who wants to bring an adorable canine companion into your life? If so, these decisions will take some thought. Apartment sizes vary, and some are better suited for dogs than others. However, a dog’s breed is also a factor. A dog’s breed determines how well it will adjust to particular spaces due to its temperament. Typically, apartment management companies allow dogs with calm dispositions and are safe to be around other tenants. Here are the best dog breeds for your apartment unit. 


Poodles vary in size and are known for their intelligence. Poodles are intelligent because they are adaptable, learning new behaviors based on their environment. Poodles also don’t require much exercise; taking them on a walk will be enough to tame their energy and keep them healthy. Another advantage of owning a poodle is that they don’t shed, meaning they don’t make a mess with its fur, and poodles don’t usually bark much. 


Greyhounds are calm and gentle and would be an excellent canine companions for your apartment unit, so long as they exercise enough. Greyhounds have a lot of energy. Therefore, take them out on walks and allow them to sprint a few times a week. Another benefit is that greyhounds shed minimally and are relatively quiet. They won’t drive your neighbors crazy. 

Basset Hounds 

If you’ve ever seen any movie with a basset hound, this breed usually comes across as sloth-like. This depiction isn’t untrue. Basset Hounds are low-energy dogs that don’t require much entertainment. The only thing you’ll have to watch out for is drool. We suggest keeping a cloth handy to clean up the mess. Basset Hounds are also relatively quiet unless they’re in distress mode. If so, they’ll howl. However, if you’re a doting pet owner, this shouldn’t be a problem. 

Bichon Frisé

Bichon Frises are tiny, fluffy, friendly, and playful dogs. Google a picture of this dog breed, and we’ll bet you’ll say, “aww.” This dog breed will be a joy in your apartment unit because they don’t require much exercise. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t have to give a Bichon Frisé plenty of attention. You should also Bichon Frises are perfect for families. If you have a family, the dog will thrive and won’t be irritated by a few (or many) people in the apartment unit. 

French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are tiny and energetic. You want to run around with them a bit to curb their energy. However, they are well-suited for apartment life because they are excellent with kids and well-behaved. 

Boston Terriers

If you’re a first-time dog owner, apartment living will be easy if you choose a Boston Terrier as your canine companion. You’ll have to also run around with this small and energetic dog. Otherwise, your four-legged friend might be a bit irritated. Otherwise, this dog breed is intelligent, friendly, and trainable. 

These are only a few dog breeds that would be suitable for apartments. Each dog is unique, behaving differently with their particular needs, just like people. For these reasons, it’s essential to research which dog will be best for your apartment unit and which adorable doggo you’ll love the most. Prescott Square Apartments is here whenever you’re ready to rent an apartment, and we consistently produce content that will help prepare you for apartment living. 

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