Key Things to Know About Roommate Agreements

Roommate agreements help set expectations for everyone to understand each other and know how to communicate if issues do arise.

When living with a roommate, it’s important that you’re both on the same page. We’re all different and have different expectations and desires regarding how our homes are run and what interactions with roommates should look like. That said, it’s important to create a baseline such that you’re on the same page in case anything ever comes up. That’s where roommate agreements enter the picture.

Roommate agreements help set expectations for everyone to understand each other and know how to communicate if issues do arise. If you’re considering creating roommate agreements of your own, here are a few things to know.

They Are Informal Roommate Agreements

Roommate agreements don’t have any oversight. There’s no one who can judge who is right or wrong other than you and your roommate(s). Some roommates may not even want to create an agreement at all. It’s all up to you and landlords don’t require them. Just remember that for a roommate agreement to work, it has to work for all parties—both you and your roommate(s) should be happy with how it’s structured, what the conditions are, and how to solve any potential issues that may pop up over the duration that you live together.

Landlords Don’t Manage Them

Since landlords don’t require these kinds of agreements, they also aren’t in charge of them. If someone breaks the rules, you can’t go running to your landlord. It’s simply not their problem as you chose who you wanted to live with. Instead, you’ll have to talk it out and figure out what to do from there. Most people are reasonable and if you make reasonable requests, they’ll likely hear you out, so it’s mostly about communicating how you feel rather than the specific details.

They Can Be Written or Verbal Roommate Agreements

These informal agreements don’t even have to be written down. It can be as simple as, once you move in together, making it clear that you’ll talk things out immediately if you have an issue instead of letting it get worse. Some people find sending a text message less confrontational and easy, whereas others see it as passive-aggressive. Understanding how one another communicates is a necessity. If you write your agreement out, remember that it’s still informal and not enforceable, which is why some people choose to just have verbal agreements in place.

Each Agreement is Unique

Every roommate situation is going to be different. Depending on who you live with, you may not need an agreement at all, you may want a very loose verbal agreement, or you may want a written agreement if you predict there will be some issues so you have something to point to. Do whatever you can to find a roommate you won’t have any problems with in the first place.

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