Figuring Out How to Split Rent for Your Apartment

While splitting rent may sound like a straightforward and easy process, there are a handful of different things you have to keep in mind.

Having roommates is an excellent way to save money on rent in your apartment! The more roommates you have, the less you’ll have to pay every month. While splitting rent may sound like a straightforward and easy process, there are a handful of different things you have to keep in mind to make sure that each person pays their fair share. There is a lot to consider for this process. Read on to learn how you can figure out how to split rent your apartment correctly!

Split Based on the Square Footage

Not all rooms are built entirely equally. If one roommate has a much larger room, it is fair to split it based on the size. Why should bot of you pay the same amount of money when one person has much more space than the other? If one room also has a patio or balcony attached, it may be fair to consider that a bit of square footage is a part of their portion.

Consider the Apartment Bathrooms for Rent

Depending on which floor plan you decide to rent, there might be a difference for bathroom access. If specific rooms have their own attached bathroom while others share it, it is only fair to split up the rent accordingly. Suppose you’ve got a two-bedroom apartment with one bathroom attached and one that is separate. In this case, it is essential to consider that the separated bathroom is the one that visitors and guests will use the most, so consider lowing the rent portion for that roommate.

Apartment Occupancy for Rent

If two people are sharing a room, the initial reaction may be to have them split up half of the rent. However, it is important to consider that those two people will also be using more space in the living room and kitchen, so they may have to cover up more of the rent. Two people in a room will also mean more electricity and water are being used, so consider splitting things up a bit more evenly.

Preferences for the Roommates

When it comes down to picking where to live, every person may have different preferences or requirements. If one person has their heart dead-set on a more pricey community or floor plan, then it is okay to talk about the possibility of that person paying a bit more if they have the means to do so. For example, if one roommate wants to rent in the community with a flashy fitness center because of their fitness goals, they may offer to split up the difference between renting there and the other apartment location.

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