How to Handle Apartment Maintenance

There are some apartment maintenance tasks that you can handle, but some you will need help with.

One of the biggest benefits of living in an apartment – and for the people who love it, there are definitely many – is having someone else be responsible for the maintenance. Sure there are some apartment maintenance tasks that you can simply handle yourself, but others can and should be left to the person who is responsible – the owner or manager in charge of the building. If you’ve never had a building owner or manager who was responsible and responsive, it can be hard to know how to handle maintenance situations. Read on for a quick rundown on how to request the maintenance help you need and deserve in your home.

Keep Calm

If you’ve lived in places that have poor maintenance responses, knowing that you have to call about an issue can end up being more stressful than the issue itself. Take a moment to calm yourself down an remember that you’re in a new building and you can’t know for sure exactly how their maintenance team will respond to your issue. As a side note, if you’re currently apartment hunting, remember to ask about maintenance time tables and policies as you are checking out new places.

Act Quickly

Depending on the maintenance issue, there may not be any time to waste before calling. If there is water going everywhere, you don’t just have to worry about your stuff  but also about the apartment around you, specifically the ones below you that will also suffer water damage if it is allowed to continue. Even if the maintenance need is not an emergency, you should still call about it as soon as you notice it. First, if multiple tenants are having the same issue, they may respond more quickly, but also they need as much time as possible to be able to schedule and plan out their maintenance tasks. 

Give Correct And Complete Information

When calling about the issue, be complete and completely truthful in the details you’re giving. If there is not a 24-hour maintenance team, you may have to leave a voice message – make sure that you are being truthful about the extent of the problem, as well as when and how it started. Don’t down play the extent of the problem either. There is a big difference between a little leak from the faucet in the tub and a burst pipe and the maintenance team will have to respond accordingly.


Once you’ve called in an issue, you should hear back usually within 24 hours. If you don’t at least hear a time frame to expect someone to come by, go ahead and call again. Don’t be mad or aggravated when you call, but it is okay to say that you’re following up on your previous call to make sure the message wasn’t lost. Finally, don’t forget to thank the maintenance team once they fix the issue – they probably don’t hear thank you enough.

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