Tips for Moving into an Apartment With Your Significant Other

You’ve managed to find the perfect apartment, but what will living with your partner for the first time be like?

You and your S.O. are tired of over-the-phone goodnights and lonely weekday breakfasts. Your partnership is going strong, and you’re both ready for the Next Big Step—moving in together! You’ve managed to find the perfect apartment, and moving day is right around the corner… 

This is bound to be a very exciting time for you. You’re equally bound to feel overwhelmed by or stressed about some aspect of your changing circumstances. To ensure the smoothest possible transition from (comparatively) long-distance to (inevitably) up-close-and-personal—or just to help shake those pre-move jitters—here are some tried-and-true tips to take into consideration when shacking up with your significant other.

Co-Author a Co-Habitation Plan

It may not feel very romantic, but actually sitting down with your partner and making a plan is one of the wisest things you can do for your relationship at this critical juncture. It can be as specific or as broad as suits your shared style, but in any event should cover some of the major What-If’s (-including the icky ones, e.g., the logistical side of a hypothetical breakup) alongside the daily How-To’s.

   As for the latter, outlining a typical week can be an edifying exercise. It’s important to know how the various responsibilities of renting an apartment will be divvied up—finances, grocery-shopping, cooking, cleaning… The mundane tasks of day-to-day life are natural fodder for arguments and resentment down the line if someone starts to feel they’re doing an unfair share. Best to head this off at the pass by deciding as much as possible ahead of time; adjustments can always be made down the road—just as long as it’s never done unilaterally! 

Designate “Solo Time,” Inside Your Apartment or Out

Maybe you’re still in the honeymoon phase—or maybe moving in together will put you back into it for a while. Regardless, the inclination at start your shared life together is likely going to be, well, sharing a whoooole lot of that life together. Enjoy yourselves and your new pad! Eventually, though, it will become important to make sure you’re both getting enough “Solo Time,” whether it’s spent in separate rooms or in separate cities. Maintaining your identity as an individual is paramount for maintaining your overall health. It’s also likely to make you a better Significant Other, though in this case the benefit should be considered pleasantly incidental.

Remember: There Will Be Some Hiccups

No mature relationship will be smooth sailing 100% of the time. Try to cut each other as much slack as possible, especially during this transitional period. In closer-than-ever quarters now (regardless of the size of your apartment!), you’re bound to figuratively butt heads on occasion, though. Acknowledging this inevitability is the first step any couple can take toward learning to have healthy disagreements; these aren’t fun for anybody when emotions are running high, but can ultimately lead to deeper understanding of each other’s wants/needs—and therefore, to a stronger, closer relationship. When the time comes for the next Next Big Step, you’ll be ready—again!—whatever that step might be.

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