A Summer Grilling Guide for Your Apartment!

Plenty of folks here at Prescott Square Apartments love grilling outside during the summer.

Nothing says summer like a lovely barbecue in your apartment complex! Lucky for you, plenty of folks here at Prescott Square Apartments love grilling outside during the summer. If you’re getting ready to cook something tasty and juicy for a summer barbeque, you’ve come to the right spot. Read on to learn more about summer grilling in your apartment community this summer!

Always Begin with a Clean Grill

Whether you’re tossing the first piece of meat onto the grill or starting up your last appetizer, always start off with a clean grill. You will always want to double-check any outdoor amenities if you’re grilling on a public grill, but either way, you must clean it off before each use. Even if you’re switching to a different food to cook for your summer barbeque, clean it thoroughly first to remove any flavors that could linger.

Purchase a Meat Thermometer

If you’re new to grilling, then you will learn quickly that things cook quite differently on the grill. The temperature, the timing, and consistency will all be different than what you’re used to, and the best way to get ready is by buying a meat thermometer. Doing so will help you keep your loved ones safe while also providing you with the confidence you need to know precisely what it is you’re doing.

Do Not Move the Food Around a Lot

We see this all the time in the movies and shows; someone standing around the grill, always pressing, flipping, and moving the burgers, but this is not ideal. You will want to place your food down and allow it to cook with few disturbances. In general, the less you flip it, the better it will cook. Most chefs actually say just one flip is ideal. If the burger meat gets stuck to the grill, then let it keep cooking, and it will unstick itself once it is prepared. This is the key to solid grilling in your apartment community.

Ask for a Helping Hand

We get it, everyone likes to earn the title of “grilling master” with a “kiss the cook” apron, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a one-person job. Asking for help is important, especially if you’re cooking for a big group of people. Do not hesitate to reach out to your apartment neighbors for assistance in your next grilling and barbeque adventure.

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