How to Share a Bathroom with Your Apartment Roommate


There are a few things that will make sharing your bathroom with your apartment roommate a breeze.

Leasing an apartment with a few roommates is an excellent way to save a few bucks! Whether you are fully comfortable sharing a room or even a bathroom, compromises like these can greatly reduce your costs in the long term. If you decide to share a bathroom, it is essential to establish some rules and boundaries way ahead of time to ensure that you and your roommates are seeing eye to eye. Read on for some helpful tips that will make sharing your bathroom with your apartment roommate a breeze!

Set a Schedule for Your Busy Days with Your Apartment Roommate

There isn’t anything worse than rushing to get ready for your workday in the morning only to find out that your bathroom is already being used. As soon as you and your apartment roommate move in together, sit down and talk about your schedules. If you work earlier, then it only makes sense that you have access to the bathroom first thing in the morning. If you start simultaneously, then one person will have to compromise and wake up a tad earlier, but this can also rotate, allowing both roommates to do their fair share each week or every other day. You should also be discussing evening bathroom routines since a lot of people have long and intense skincare rituals before they go to bed.

Split Up Your Storage Space with Your Apartment Roommate

When you’re moving your belongings into your bathroom, it is a bright idea to discuss who gets what storage space way ahead of time. Try to split it up evenly or shelf by shelf. If you can not find a solid compromise, then we recommend investing in some kind of bathroom shelves that each person can keep in their room and bring with them into the bathroom while they’re using it.

Discuss Materials and Products with Your Apartment Roommate

Just because you are sharing a bathroom does not mean you have to share all the same materials and products. It is important to label your products and establish some boundaries with usage. Instead of having your own toilet rolls, it might be a good idea to take turns purchasing them. If you do not want your roommate using your things, it is important to notify them. While this may sound like common sense for most people, some roommates may assume that they’re allowed to use your products simply because you left them out. Establishing boundaries is critical, so take this into consideration.

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