What to Toss From Your Apartment

This spring, take a proactive approach and get rid of some of the junk that’s filling up your apartment.

Now that it’s spring, you’re likely thinking about spring cleaning. Letting go of things isn’t always easy though. Sometimes we convince ourselves that we may use it eventually, that it’s worth holding onto. It’s hard to let go of that feeling but in the end, you’ll find yourself left with a mountain of stuff you have no use for and that you don’t want. This spring, take the Marie Kondo approach and get rid of some of the junk that’s filling up your apartment. Here are some items you can safely toss from your apartment to make for a cleaner, more efficient, and productive space. 

Unused Cords and Cables

Just about every apartment, and every person, finds themselves accumulating a number of random cords. Old chargers, power cables, headphone cords, and so on can end up cluttering your apartment. Here’s an easy test to see whether or not you can throw a cable away: pick it up and if you can’t think of what it goes to or the last time you used it, it’s probably time to get rid of it. Haven’t used it in 6 months? You probably won’t use it any time soon. Since these are cheap and easily replaceable, it’s best to get rid of them and make your apartment just that much cleaner.

Old Storage Containers

Having extra containers around can be useful if you ever find yourself having made too much for dinner or even intentionally meal prepping so you have easy meals throughout the workweek. However, you don’t want to have so many such that a bunch of lids fall out whenever you open a cabinet door. Go through your food storage containers, match each container to its lid, and throw anything away that doesn’t have a match. Look out for other damage or stains as well which may be worth getting rid of if you’ve got too many.

Unnecessary Craft Supplies

Now that we’re headed out of lockdowns for the foreseeable future, you’re probably realizing just how much stuff you accumulated over the past 2 years. Many of us were filling our newfound free time with additional hobbies and craft projects. As great of a way as it may have been to stay focused, now’s a good time to think about getting rid of anything that’s been sitting around your apartment, unused since you initially purchased it.


Paperwork is a necessary evil. We all need to keep documentation of our health and financial records, among many other forms of paperwork that we find stacking up in our apartment. Today’s the day to say goodbye to all those papers and go through them all. Organize what needs to be kept, what can get tossed, and organize them by type so you can find bills, W2s, or sentimental papers later.

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