How to Get to Know Your Apartment Neighbors Better

Getting to know the neighbors is a great way to develop a happy home life in your apartment community.

Here at Prescott Square Apartments, we want our apartment units to feel like home. Our main goal is to have our communities full of laughter, love, and friendships that will last everyone a lifetime. Luckily for you, the neighbors are just a handful of steps away from being your new friends. Getting to know the neighbors is a great way to develop a happy home life, plus you might even find that you have a lot in common. Read on to learn more about a few easy ways to get to know your neighbors at Prescott Square Apartments!

Leave Some Notes for Your Neighbors

Whether you’re just moving in or you’re welcoming your newest neighbors, leaving some notes is a fun and subtle way to start a new relationship with them. Something as small as “welcome to the neighborhood” can go quite a long way in making both of your parties feel very comfortable. If you’re a baker, consider dropping off a few muffins for a bit of added taste of friendship. You could also add a nice “come by sometime to say hello” to the end of the note to put the ball into their court.

Use Amenities in Your Apartment

Using your apartment’s amenities is an excellent way to meet others in your community. If you develop a new gym schedule, you’ll undoubtedly come across some people at the same time, and a nice smile will quickly turn some chit-chat and conversation into a new neighbor friendship. You could even ask the neighbor if they’d like to come over to your place for a balcony BBQ or a swim, which allows the conversation to move a bit more neutrally. The more common space you share, you’ll both feel more comfortable talking to each other and getting to know everyone other will be a breeze.

Attend All Community Events to Meet the Neighbors

Here at Prescott Square Apartments, we love to have all types of community events. This is a nice way to meet new people and neighbors with common interests. A lot of residents who attend these types of events are also looking to meet a few new faces, so there will be a bit less hesitation to approach others and strike up a conversation.

Feel the Entire Situation

Remember, just because you want to become friends with your neighbors does not mean they want the same type of relationship. It is very important to feel out the situation and take hints where you can. If they don’t respond to you, attend events or use amenities, they might just like to keep to themselves.

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