How to Take on Laundry Day in Your Apartment

Laundry day in your apartment is not always the most exciting day of the week, but it definitely is necessary!

Laundry day in your apartment is not always the most exciting day of the week, but it definitely is necessary! Sometimes we put off the chore until the last minute or leave our clean laundry unfolded all day. However, once you know how to tackle this choice correctly, it becomes a lot easier. Read on for a handful of helpful tips and tricks that will make laundry day in your Prescott Square Apartment a breeze.

Prepare a Bit Ahead of Time

Laundry day can become a big hassle when you’ve got everything loaded into your washer just to realize that you’re all out of fabric softener. The night before your laundry day, take some time to prepare everything. Go through your entire apartment and gather all of your laundry that you wish to wash, then check out your supplies to ensure that you’ve got detergent, dryer sheets, and fabric softener. If you do not have everything you need, run off to the store so that you can set yourself up for plenty of success the next day.

Pretreat Your Stains

Do you have a shirt that you’re constantly keeping in your hamper because you cannot seem to remove a stain? Put an end to it by pretreating it before you wash. Treat stains with your choice of removal or just utilize some dish soap. If you treat these stains ahead of time, you will not have to worry about doing one other wash cycle for those hard-to-remove spots.

Fold Everything Right When It’s Done

We all know that folding and putting your clothes away is usually the hardest part of laundry day. Instead of tossing the clean clothes on a chair or telling yourself that you’ll do it later, just do it as soon as it comes out of the dryer. Play around with some music and get into the zone. Don’t turn this easy, ten-minute chore into a week’s worth of slow clothes folding.

Have a Hamper for Your Clean Clothes

One of the most common problems with your laundry is that we try on an outfit, hate it, and toss the clean clothes directly into your laundry basket. By the time we get around to washing off our clothes, we cannot remember what we wore and what we tried on. Plus, mixing your dirty and clean clothes will lead to your washed clothes smelling a lot like unwashed ones. So, create a hamper for clean clothes only and take some time to put them all away by the end of the week.

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