Winter Maintenance Tips for Apartment Renters

It’s important that apartment renters know how to deal with whatever the winter season may throw at them.

If you’re a resident of Prescott Square Apartments or you live in the area, you’ve already experienced snow this winter. Snow is one of the many dramatic changes that happens during the winter months and it’s important that apartment renters know how to deal with whatever the season may throw at them. Thankfully, as a renter, most of the major upkeep is going to fall on your property manager, so you don’t need to worry about any heavy lifting. However, there are a few winter maintenance tips that any apartment renters can take advantage of, so let’s take a look at some of the most common ones.

Check In

Now that winter has begun, you may want to check in with your property manager just to make sure you’re on the same page. This could include who must remove snow and ice, as some places have regulations regarding removing snow from public sidewalks. Make sure you’re covered, but if any issues do come up, reach out to your property manager as quickly as you can. Ice dams, heating issues, or frozen pipes are all common problems that can spiral out of control; you can prevent real damage from happening by staying in contact with your landlord.

Apartment Renters Stop Frozen Pipes

Your property manager may have instructions on how to avoid frozen or burst pipes that can occur in extreme cold. They may have guidance on what temperature you ought to keep your unit in order to prevent the problem. This is relevant if you’re planning on leaving your property for a vacation, where you may want to give your property manager a heads up and see if they want you to leave the thermostat at a minimum temperature to prevent freezing or even leave some of the faucets on a cold drip.

Get Heat

It’s your property manager’s responsibility to ensure your heating system functions as it should, but you should still take the time to test its capabilities so you’re certain that you’ll stay warm throughout the winter. It’s best to deal with these issues as early as possible. Take advantage of ceiling fans if you have them, as you can flip their switch so that they spin clockwise, which will push warm down into the rest of the room. You may also want to lower your thermostat at night so you save on energy bills—enough blankets will keep you cozy throughout your sleep! 

Prepare Yourself as Apartment Renters

Extreme weather is always possible this time of year. It’s a good idea to keep stocked up on some extra groceries and a flashlight with batteries just in case. Be prepared for any worst-case scenarios by signing up for emergency alert systems, that way you know when any extreme weather is coming your way and can stay put until it passes.

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