Keeping Up with Apartment Cleaning

For a lot of apartment owners, deep cleaning their apartment is an obtainable new year resolution.

At the start of the year, a lot of people set goals as New Year’s resolutions. For some, it involves getting a new job, picking up a new hobby, and going to the gym more. However, for a lot of apartment owners, deep cleaning their apartment is one. If you partook in this new years tradition, then there is a solid chance you’re enjoying a clean apartment but wondering how you’ll be able to maintain it for the remainder of 2022. Luckily, we have thrown together a list of tips and tricks that you can use to help make sure your apartment stays clean all year. Read on for a list of helpful apartment cleaning tips!

Implement the Five Minute Apartment Cleaning Rule

Any time you or a roommate walks through the front door, the five-minute rule starts, and this means spending your first five minutes in your apartment tidying up. While five minutes doesn’t sound like a lot with how many rooms your apartment has, it will begin to add up as each person comes in and goes. Plus, as you keep apartment cleaning throughout the year, there will be less to do every single time. No matter how busy you and your roommates may be, everyone can take five minutes to tidy everything up when they enter your apartment unit.

Do Not Put Things Down, Put Them Away

A lot of apartments become untidy and messy once people put things down instead of putting them down. Make it a new house rule to put things in the correct places every time they’re used. This will only take a couple more seconds to put your things away, and it will end up saving you and your roomies a lot of time at the end of the day. Once you’ve gotten into the habit of doing this, you’ll discover that your apartment is suddenly a lot less cluttered.

Apartment Cleaning More Fun

When we view cleaning as a chore, it suddenly becomes quite dull. However, we are much more likely to see it through if we try to make cleaning fun. Get into a routine of turning on a specific playlist when you clean or make it fun by rewarding yourself for each room that you finish. A bit of creativity goes a long way, and a change in perspective can alter your view on getting those chores completed.

Now that your apartment unit is clean for the new year keep it that way by implementing these handy tricks and tips!

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