How to Enjoy Your Pet-Friendly Apartment

We at Prescott Square Apartments offer pet-friendly apartment units, because we understand how valuable pets can be to you.

Getting a pet truly is introducing a new member to the family. It’s part of why we at Prescott Square Apartments offer pet-friendly apartment units, because we understand how valuable pets can be to you and the rest of your family. Our pets also deserve happiness and being part of a community that doesn’t just accept but encourages pet ownership is a huge part of that. If you’re fortunate enough to live in a community that allows pets such as Prescott Square Apartments, read on to find out how you can get the most out of your pet-friendly apartment. 

Consider Adopting

First, if you’re thinking about getting a pet and are just doing some preliminary research, consider adopting. This ensures that you’re taking a pet out of a shelter and you both end up benefitting, as you end up with a friendly companion and they get a new forever home. There’s plenty of research suggesting that adopting pets can help fight depression, encourage responsibility, and get you outdoors more, all of which only begins to scratch the surface of what a pet can do for your life. Save an animal from a shelter and you’ll enjoy that bond even more.

Pet-Friendly Apartment Amenities

If you live in a pet-friendly apartment and have found the perfect pet for you, congratulations! Now you can start taking advantage of all the world has to offer. Parks like nearby Villa Nova Park can be the perfect place to take your new pet. Paths around the apartment complex can also be a nice walking location thanks to the tree-lined walking experience. We’re also proud to say we offer spacious apartments with over a thousand square feet, so your new furry friend will have plenty of room to enjoy. Lastly, we’re located with great accessibility to other amenities, so you can take a quick trip down 695 to Catonsville and find an amazing local pet store and veterinarian’s office.

A Mess-Free Pet-Friendly Apartment

It’s a good idea to pet-proof your apartment, especially if you want to get your whole security deposit back! Before you get your pet, be sure to remove anything that can easily be damaged until you know the temperament of your pet. Some cats scratch furniture, for example, so be aware that this is a risk. You also want to remove anything they’d potentially eat that they shouldn’t. Cut their nails regularly in order to protect your furniture and the floors. Stay ahead of any potential messes and your pet-friendly apartment will be a rewarding experience for both you and your pet!

Come Home to Comfort and Convenience at Prescott Square Apartments

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