How to Customize Your Apartment Kitchen

Your apartment kitchen may not be as large as you’d like, but there are ways to get more out of the space by making it feel like an expression of yourself. 

In any home, the kitchen is a central location. It’s where people cook, gather, and grow together. Apartment living has plenty of benefits but one area you may sacrifice is how much space you have. Your apartment kitchen may not be as large as you’d like, but there are ways to get more out of the space by making it feel like an expression of yourself. If you’re tired of your drab apartment kitchen and are on the hunt for ways to make it pop, consider some of these design tips.

Incorporate Kitchen Tools

In an apartment kitchen, storage is often at a premium. You don’t want to have too many kitchen tools because then you’d have to stuff them into cabinets and drawers, space which you may not have, right? But there’s another way to come at this. Instead of hiding everything, find ways to creatively display your kitchen utensils, pots, and pans. Whether you use a magnetic strip on your fridge to show off your kitchen knife or find a way to hang your favorite pots, you can keep your cooking tools within reach while making them shine.

Green Designs

Incorporating plants into your apartment kitchen is a great way to make things feel fresh and bright. Look for plants that require minimal upkeep if you’re just starting out. Pothos and snake plants are both great options. If you’re an expert chef, you may want to consider some herbs as well. Basil, cilantro, and parsley are all classics that are fairly easy to take care of given the right light conditions. Beginners should take this slow; start with one plant and see how it goes before you add more to your space.

Think With Color

Home appliances can be more than functional. Something like a stand mixer can be a useful tool for the home baker, but they’re also stylish and available in a wide number of colors. Appliances, particularly the bulky ones that you’d want to leave out on your counter anyway, are a great way to add something unique to your space. Leave a fancy teapot on your oven and boom, you have a functional piece of art!

Additional Wall Art

Don’t limit hanging wall art to your living room or bedroom. The kitchen can be a great canvas to express yourself as well, especially considering how much time you may spend in that space. 

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