Becoming an Apartment Neighbor

If you’re now moving into a new apartment unit, make sure your presence positively contributes to the existing culture and does not serve as a nuisance.

One of the various perks of apartment living is living in a close community with a lot of other people. It can also be one of the challenges. This means needing to exercise self-awareness and understanding how your actions impact everyone around you. If you are now moving into a new apartment unit, make sure your presence positively contributes to the existing culture and does not serve as a nuisance or distraction. Read on for a few ways you can be a nice apartment neighbor!

Introduce Yourself to Everyone

When your moving truck pulls into the apartment parking lot, you can be sure your new neighbors will be looking out of their own windows to catch a glimpse of their new neighbors. Take some time to introduce yourself during move-in day. During your first couple of weeks in a new building, try to learn your neighbors’ names, and give one or two of them your name and number so they can get in touch with you if needed. Make sure to also learn the names of maintenance professionals, office staff, or others who live and work near you. You do not have to be best friends with them, but being friendly and pleasant can help you and your neighbor create a more welcoming and cohesive living space.

Try to Be Noise-Aware as a Neighbor

One of the biggest problems that people have with apartments are the noisy neighbors. Crying babies, barking dogs, loud music, heavy walking, and more can be distracting for your neighbors. The shared walls are a bit thin, and your apartment neighbors can hear more than you’d think. This does not mean you have to whisper and tiptoe through your entire life, but it does mean you should make a serious effort to reduce the noise. To help reduce noise in your apartment, here are a few handy tips:

  • Use area rugs to absorb the sounds of walking
  • Put up some soundproofing curtains
  • Install draft guards on doors and windows
  • Use bookshelves to insulate the sounds in your apartment (and add a bit of charm to the space too)

Closing your windows, keeping the music at a moderate level, and pulling furniture away from walls can help cut back on the noise that comes from your apartment.

Get Involved as a Neighbor

One of the best ways to be a good apartment neighbor is by getting involved in the community. Attend a scheduled resident event, host a game or movie night, or organize a clean-up project around the building. Everyone in the neighborhood, including your landlord, will appreciate the acts of kindness.

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