Things to Ask Your Apartment Roommate

When it comes to finding the ideal roommate for you, there are a lot of essential aspects for you to consider.

When it comes to finding the ideal roommate for you, there are a lot of essential aspects for you to consider. Just because you get along with somebody, are their close friend, know them from work, or even went to the same school does not automatically mean they’ll be the ideal match for you. Although it could take you a bit to find a wonderful roommate who matches your ideal criteria, it is better to wait a bit and ask the crucial questions than to rush in and live with somebody who will eventually drive you insane. Read on to learn more about the crucial questions to ask a potential apartment roommate!

Are You Being Very COVID Conscious with Your Apartment Roommate?

Right now, safety is important to everyone, and even if you might be quarantining, your roommate may not be doing the same thing. Before you move in with somebody, make sure that they’re on the same page with you about COVID safety. If you’ve been spending months in quarantine still, you may not want to move in with somebody who goes on regularly or has an essential working job. However, if you are both okay with each other going out in public, then this might not be an issue at all. Just make sure to ask your potential apartment roommate.

What Does Your Current Schedule Look Like?

You know your own schedule much better than anybody, and you know that you would prefer to live with somebody whose sleep schedule lines right up with yours. If you work a nine to five job and like to be in bed by ten, you probably do not want a roommate who gets home late and cooks dinner in the kitchen while you’re trying to rest. Although it is excellent to have schedules that let you have your apartment to yourself on occasion, you want to find somebody whose schedule is a bit similar to you.

How Much Are You and Your Apartment Roommate Able to Pay on a Monthly Basis?

One of the primary reasons roommates have problems with finances and the inability to pay the rent. Keep in mind that once you sign that lease, you’re both responsible should the other part be unable to pay on time or at all too. It is also essential to consider other factors such as paying for water, electricity, internet, and gas, which both parties should definitely be responsible for. Once you know how much the other person can pay, start to look in that price range to make sure it is affordable for both of you.

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