Privacy with Your Apartment Roommate

No matter how much you like each other’s company, it is important to also have a bit of privacy while apartment living.

Living with roommates in your apartment can be awesome: you can save money, make more friends, and have someone to talk with when you get home from work or school. At the same time, living with somebody is a serious commitment, and your roomie is guaranteed to become a massive part of your life. No matter how much you like each other’s company, it is important to also have a bit of privacy while apartment living. Boundaries and privacy are important aspects of living with anyone, including your close family. Read on for a few helpful tips that ensure that your apartment is a happy one!

Decide on a Few House Rules with Your Roommate

When you first move in with your new roommate, you will probably want to spend plenty of time together, especially if you’re friends already. Use this time to bond more and communicate about specific house rules and boundaries. Include discussions about things such as knocking before entering private bedrooms and asking before borrowing any clothes. Although, at first, these things might not seem like issues, it’s best to come to an actual agreement about how to show each other mutual respect initially to avoid any conflicts later after signing your lease.

Discuss Your Schedules with Your Roommate

Communication is key in each aspect of your relationships. Consider placing dry-erase calendars in the shared common areas and filling it out every month. This way, you will know when every person will and won’t be in the apartment. Talk about things like date nights and when you plan on having some friends over. This is also an excellent time frame to decide which hangouts you want your roommate to be included in and which ones you will want a bit of privacy for. The more you know your roommates’ schedules, the better off you’ll be planning things.

Use Headphones or Earplugs Around Your Roommate

It goes without saying that not every person has the same taste in music or television shows, so do not assume that your roommate wants to hear exactly what you are listening to and watching. While in your room, you can jam out as much as you’d like, but you might want to use some headphones if you’re in a shared space. This is also a wise tactic to use when you’re on the phone to help ensure your privacy. Also, it is important to wear some earplugs during any late nights if you feel as if your roommates are a little loud.

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