Making Your Apartment Smell Incredible

Your apartment could look perfect, but if it doesn’t smell good, this could completely destroy the aesthetic that you were aiming for.

When decorating your apartment unit, it is easy to focus on any visual aspects like decorations, but do not forget about the other essential details, like smells. Your home could look perfect, but if it doesn’t smell good, this could completely destroy the aesthetic that you were aiming for. While you might initially think to opt for some easy candles, there are various ways for you to make your apartment unit smell incredible without wasting a lot of money. Read on to learn precisely how.

Air Purifying Apartment Plants for Smells

Adopting a few plants is a wonderful way to make your apartment unit look and smell incredible! A few of the best are different types of palm trees, peace lilies, or orchards. Once you bring it to your home, you’ll quickly notice a significant improvement in the scent of your home. We highly recommend using flowers for short-term smelling solutions, as their strong fragrance will fill up the air but only for a shortened period of time.

A Stovetop Potpourri for Good Smells

While stovetop potpourris are typically associated with the holidays, there is no reason you can’t make your apartment unit smell incredible year-round. Just fill up a saucepan with water, add some sliced lemon and a bit of your favorite herbs, and simmer on low heat. This is one excellent way to get all of those smells into the air and throughout all of the rooms in your apartment. You could even use your Crockpot from your kitchen to avoid heating up your entire apartment unit with a live flame.

Essential Oil Diffusers

Oil diffusers are simple to use, and they will make your apartment smell so good. Just fill them up with water and add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oils, and soon, a thin, fine mist will appear. Do a bit of your own research ahead of time to see which essential oils can do for you. Many of them help with relaxing, sleeping, and anti-anxiety, so try to find the right combination to help better your day. Make your apartment unit smell incredible by implementing these tips. If you’ve got more questions about how to make your apartment smell better, ask your neighbors or landlords from Prescott Square Apartments!

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