Some of the Best Plants for Your Family Apartment

Apartment plants are able to bring natural beauty into your apartment this spring, as well as boost various health benefits.

Sprucing up your family apartment goes beyond just new furniture and a new coat of paint. Apartment plants are able to bring natural beauty into your apartment this spring, as well as boost various health benefits. Plants can help purify the air, improve your mood, and promote better sleeping patterns. The correct apartment plants will also work well in every single room, from your kitchen to bathroom to balcony. Read on for six great plants for you to use for your family apartment.

Cactus for Family Apartment with Solid Natural Lighting

A cactus is a great apartment plant in rooms that have natural light. Cacti species come from dry and sunny regions of America and thrive in apartment rooms that are drenched in sunlight. If you love cacti but your apartment is a bit shady, look for sun-soaked spots in your kitchen or living room with a south or east-facing window. Cacti are also very low-maintenance with no green thumb required at all. All they need is to be watered about once a month and allow the soil to remain dried. Pair your cacti with a vibrant container to make your new plant the focal point of your apartment room as a conversation piece.

ZZ Plants for Family Apartment with Shifting Sunlight

A ZZ plant, otherwise known as a Zamioculcas zamifolia, features glossy green shades and thicker stems that taper to a point. The ZZ plant leaves are oval-shaped and bring a level of sophistication to your entire family apartment. These plants do well in many different rooms with low to medium light, making it a great choice if the sunlight shifts or you want one in a different apartment room. Try it out in your living room to brighten up a corner, or place it in your bathroom to soften up the room a bit. ZZ plants are low-maintenance and only need watering every two weeks.

Palms for Your Furry Friends

Palm plants come in over 2,600 species and are known for their green, lush fronds that come in many different sizes. Situate a smaller variety on a side table and pick a more prominent option to sit right on your floor. Palms grow naturally in tropical and subtropical environments and prefer warmer spots in your home with indirect sunlight. They are also great for pet owners. In case your puppy takes a bit, you can rest easy knowing these plants are non-toxic.

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