Handy Gadgets You Need in Your Apartment

Apartment living can be great, but it can be made even better with the right gadgets.

Apartment living can be the best lifestyle choice for many people. Often living in an apartment allows you to enjoy your own space, that you can customize and personalize, without needing a roommate to afford it. Apartments also often come with amenities, like fitness centers or pools, that you wouldn’t have access to in another living situation. Apartment living can be wonderful, but it can be made even better with the right gadgets. Read on for five great gadgets that are sure to improve your life. 

White Noise Machines

One of the top downsides to apartment living is that you’re close to your neighbors and sometimes their noises drift into your living space. One way to combat this is a white noise machine. These are especially useful during sleep, and they often come with many options. There are also a few white noise apps that you can download for your devices if you don’t want to make space for a separate appliance.

Charging Pads

Most personal electronics these days can accommodate cordless charging, so investing in a charging pad that can fit all of them is a great solution to dealing with tons of cords plugged in everywhere. A charging pad also makes it easier for guests to charge their devices when they visit. 

Digital Thermostat

A digital thermostat is a great investment in comfort and efficiency in your apartment. Most can be programmed and adjusted from your phone and many even learn your routines and automatically set themselves based on time of day and temperature. Some utility companies will give away digital thermostats to customers, to help them manage their utility costs. Remember if your apartment didn’t come with the digital thermostat, don’t throw the old one out so you can swap them when you move. 

Sun-Like Bulbs

Smart bulbs are a great upgrade to your apartment, especially those that mimic sunlight. They emit light at the exact same wavelengths as natural sunlight and can help to combat issues like seasonal effective disorder. Smart lights can also sometimes be set to different light colors or tones, which can help make your work-at-home life better by improving the way you look on your zoom calls. 

Smart Plugs

If you can’t afford to upgrade your life to all smart appliances, smart plugs are a good alternative choice. These plug into regular outlets and control the flow of energy to whatever regular appliance is plugged into them. This makes the whole thing smart and controllable from your phone, so you never have to worry about whether you left something on before you left home.

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