Apartment Decorating for the Holidays

It is that time of year when many apartment renters start to decorate for the holidays.

For some, decorating an apartment is a challenge. If you grew up with larger spaces available to you, you may be used to going all out: the yard decorations, the stockings, and beyond. An apartment is going to likely limit your space. That’s no reason to worry though, as all it means is that you need to be a bit more intentional in your decoration decisions in order to create a holiday space that’s just right. If you’re at a loss for how to get started or finish off your apartment holiday decorating, consider these possibilities. 

Holiday Cards as Decorations in Your Apartment

What is so central to the holiday season is the other people. Our friends and family are what make the holidays so special much of the time, which is why using holiday cards you’ve been sent as decorations are a great way to add holiday cheer on the cheap. You can tack them to walls and constantly be reminded of the people in your life. It’s a quick and easy method to decorate.

Using Wall Space and Picture Frames

Your apartment might not have enough space for elaborate decorations and setups. That’s no problem as you can use your wall space to your advantage. Washi tape can be used to create outlines of holiday symbols. You can even put pinecones on your walls to increase the festivity.

If that’s not for you, consider using picture frames, which let you get as creative as you want to be. Photos of loved ones are always good, but decorating them with reds and greens can help turn a typical picture frame into something special.

Including Your Apartment Windows

With little to no outdoor space, apartments can feel like they’re missing out on one of the best parts of holiday decorating. Remember that your windows can serve as a display case to the outside world. Hanging lights across them or decorating them with cutouts of snowflakes will make neighbors take note of how cute and festive your home looks. Those little personal touches will stand out.

Apartment Sized Christmas Trees

If you celebrate Christmas, it may not feel like you’re able to truly get into the spirit of the holiday without a Christmas tree. We don’t blame you. You have two good options though: the first is to get a short tabletop tree. These are great for side tables or desks and many people use them for their apartments or even in an office setting. If that doesn’t cut it, look for partial trees. Believe it or not, yes, that’s a real thing. They’re designed for small spaces and you can find artificial partial trees in many big-box stores.

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