How to Host Guests in Your Apartment

Hosting family, friends, or even your neighbors for the weekend can be a good time, but it could also be stressful for those living in an apartment.

Hosting family, friends, or even your neighbors for the weekend can be a good time, but it could also be stressful for those living in an apartment. We all want all of our guests to feel as cozy as possible, and you might feel like your apartment is too cramped and cluttered. However, with some effort, you could make the experience more enjoyable for everyone involved! Read on for a few tips for hosting overnight guests in your Prescott Square apartment!

Pull-Out Couch or Air Mattress for Your Guests

The most essential item to have when hosting people overnight is a comfortable spot for them to sleep. Pull-out couches are an excellent investment for a smaller apartment, as it is functional for your everyday life and gives your guests a high-quality bed when they visit. If you already have a regular couch inside your apartment, then consider investing in a high-quality air mattress too. It is important to make your space as cozy as possible! Have some clean sheets readily available for guests, and provide them with plenty of pillows and blankets too.

Make Your Living Room Sleep-Friendly for Your Guests

If you have space inside your living room or shared room for your guests to sleep in, do your best to make the area as sleep-friendly and relaxing as you can. This might mean positioning their bed close to a lamp or light switch. Also, draw your blinds and curtains to block out any light for your street, and provide them with any eye masks. Other thoughtful touches such as power strips, earplugs, fans, or a white noise machine will definitely help your guests feel much more at home.

Necessities for Your Bathroom

One of the most challenging aspects of hosting guests in your small apartment is sharing your bathroom. Give the bathroom a thorough clean before your friends and family come, and put away any items you don’t want out in the open. Show them how to turn on your showers, where you keep the extra toilet paper, and leave out a couple of clean towels. It is also a smart idea to stock up on necessities, like toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and other items you know they might need. This will go a long way in showing you are a good apartment host.

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