How to Increase Sunlight in Your Apartment

There are techniques you can employ to greatly increase the natural light inside your apartment.

It can be quite challenging to find an apartment that you like and even harder to find one with sufficient lighting or scenery. However, just because your apartment might have small or few windows, that doesn’t mean you aren’t able to access natural sunlight. There are techniques you can employ to greatly increase the natural light inside your apartment. As the end of daylight saving time coming somewhat soon, it will be tough to find natural sunlight. With the following techniques, you can help open up your apartment to natural sunlight. Read on to learn how!

Clear Any Space Around Windows for Sunlight

Before you take any more steps to maximize your natural sunlight, make sure that each window isn’t obscured by anything else. Ideally, windows could be visible from any standing or sitting point within the room, even from your balcony. You could move tall and bulky furniture to the darker part of the room so it will not obstruct light coming through the windows. For this reason, only place low or thin plants on your windowsills. Furniture alternatives such as floating shelves and glass door cabinets and chairs with narrowed legs can help sunlight access your entire apartment.

Place Your Mirrors Strategically for Sunlight

Mirrors and reflective services can double or even triple the reach of natural light inside your apartment. Hanging mirrors could extend the sunlight into almost any corner of your entire room. You could also place mirrors or reflective surfaces on the west and east-facing walls because the sun can hit those walls each for half of the day. If you ever notice where beams of light have hit your apartment, you could place reflective surfaces there too.

Clean Your Windows Consistently to Let in Sunlight

Even with lighter colors and open spaces, creating a clearer path for natural light, you still have to make sure that the window letting light in is clean. Windows can accumulate dirt, dust, and film that will weaken its strength of the light passing through, so maintain their cleanliness is very important.

Fill Your Rooms with Light Colors

To increase the lighting inside your apartment, you could pick lighter colors for your furniture and décor whenever possible. White and lighter shades will can reflect light, so when you do get any natural light pouring in, these pieces will help you brighten your entire room. Since floors receive a fair amount of light inside your apartment, having lighter-colored rugs is very helpful.

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