Apartment Cleaning Done Easier

It is very possible to make your apartment cleaning experience significantly less stressful, more efficient, and even enjoyable.

We at Prescott Square Apartments know how much of a pain cleaning your apartment can be. Cleaning day is usually a day you fear to see on your calendar, but it does not have to be. Living in an apartment already means that you have smaller and more personal spaces to clean. It is very possible to make this cleaning experience significantly less stressful, more efficient, and even enjoyable by following the tips below and implementing them into your apartment cleaning. Read on to learn more!

Tackle the Clutter First for Apartment Cleaning

A lot of people put off their apartment cleaning longer than they should because they have no clue where to start. Kitchen, bedrooms, living rooms, balcony? A smart way to begin this is by addressing the clutter first. If you see any piles of items on the countertops or floor, and you know they belong inside of a different room, move them to said room. Getting all of the clutter off your floors and counters also makes it easier for you later when you have to vacuum those spaces.

Clean the Dishes

If you’ve got a pile of dirty dishes building up in your sink, or anywhere inside your home, wash them. Dig in and commit to cleaning and scrubbing off each plate that has to be scrubbed and cleaned. Fill up your dishwasher or your drying rack. This may sound like a whole bunch of work, and it isn’t always fun, but you will be glad to get the big apartment cleaning projects out of the way earlier. Plus, it is much easier to wash a bunch of dishes at once, instead of stopping and starting throughout your cleaning project. You could make this experience much more fun by putting on some music or inviting a neighbor or roommate over to help!

Take Out the Garbage while Apartment Cleaning

Once all of the clutter is removed to its proper place, and the dishes are gone, you can grab a large trash bag and sweep up all of your apartment’s trash. Empty all of your garbage bins into a large bag, and pick up any loose trash as you spot. Keep the big trash bag handy for your paper towels and cleaning materials that you might need to throw away as you clean. Once you’ve finished cleaning, you can throw away this bag.


It is essential to go around your apartment and vacuum everything after you’ve dusted and cleared off all clutter. This is the final touch for your apartment cleaning.

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