How to Tell if Apartment Living is for You

More people are finding that apartment living is the right lifestyle for them, regardless of where they are in their life.

Traditionally, apartment living has been seen as a stepping stone to the end goal of buying a home. It was the residence style people chose as they saved up and established careers before progressing to that tenant of the American dream, homeownership. The bottom line is that this just isn’t true across the board, and more and more people are finding that apartment living is the right lifestyle for them, regardless of where they are in their life. If any of these qualities sound like you, you may find that apartment living is for you.

Apartment Amenities Are Important

One of the best things about apartment living is the community. There’s no guarantee that your neighbors won’t be awful, but usually, once you get to know them, they’re good (and you’re not stuck with them through a 30-year mortgage either way). You also have access to amenities that you likely wouldn’t as a home-owner, at least not without paying extra. These often include things like a fitness facility, a pool, tennis courts, playgrounds, and others.

Cleaning Is Not Your Thing 

All homes require cleaning, and your apartment is no different, but in simple terms of square footage, there is less to clean in an apartment than in a house. If you get a cleaning routine down in your apartment, you could keep it tidy with just a few minutes of work each day. In a large family home, those few minutes might not even get one of the floors done.

You’re Not A DIY’er

There’s no way that every homeowner in the country is also a regular Mr./Ms. Fix-It, but there is a certain amount of DIY ability that homeowners either have or develop over the years. This is because homes have a lot of potential for mishap, and once you own it, you don’t have a landlord you can just call. You could of course call a professional, but if you do this every time a faucet leaks or the lights flicker, it will cost you a lot of money. Calling your landlord when these things happen in your apartment however, just makes sense. 

You’re Looking For Freedom in Your Apartment

If you’re not sure where, when, or even if you want to settle down, apartment living is likely for you. It allows you to live in a place you love without the burden and longterm commitment of a mortgage. At the end of your lease, if it is time for a change, you can find a new apartment and start a new lease. Some apartments even have short term leases, as small as month-to-month options, to fit your needs.

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