How to Save Some Energy Money in Your Apartment this Summer

Summer energy saving can be a bit challenging when the temperature is high.

Summertime is here, which means swimming in the pool, sipping cold glasses of iced tea, and sadly, high energy bills for many apartment residents. Summer energy saving can be a bit challenging when the temperature is high, and your entire family is feeling groggy. However, there’s a few things that you can do around your living space to save some bucks while also staying cool. Read on to learn a couple of the best ways to save some energy money in your apartment this summer!

The Air Conditioning Unit

Now that we are in the thick of summer, you should have already checked up on your air conditioning unit to ensure that it is working correctly. However, better late than never for an inspection. If you do end up waiting until there is an issue with it and find nothing but hot air blowing into your face, you may be the last on a very long list of people waiting for a maintenance technician for some assistance. Avoid turning off your air conditioning until entirely when you leave your apartment. Instead, just turn up the thermostat when you leave your space. While the air conditioning may be running when you are not there to enjoy it, it is actually more energy-efficient to use it sparingly and maintain your current temperature than to cool down an extremely hot room.

Cool Off During the Day to Save Energy

Always shut up your blinds and close your curtains during the warmest parts of the day to avoid heating your apartment with sunlight. Even just implementing this tip could save you a lot on your energy bills and make a significant difference. Keep your showers on the cooler side, too, if you can deal with it. Not only do cold showers help you wake up better in the morning, but they can also help you stay cool when your apartment is a bit on the warmer side. Cold showers also do not draw a lot of warm water from your apartment water heater, which again helps you save a bit of cash from your energy bill.

Be Smart with Your Laundry to Save Energy

Just taking a cool shower can be suitable for people; taking a cold bath can be good for your clothes. Instead of using hot water, use cool water for your summer clothes. Hot water heating accounts for a large portion of your summer energy bills, and by using cold water, you save plenty of money.

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