How to Deal with a Loud Apartment Neighbor

If you ever find yourself consistently bothered by loud or excessive noise from your apartment neighbor, you might be unsure what to do.

While apartments are usually cozy and convenient, they require people to live very close to each other. Unfortunately, that sometimes means that sounds from one apartment might travel to another. If you ever find yourself consistently bothered by loud or excessive noise from your apartment neighbor, you might be unsure what to do. The very best way to handle a noisy apartment neighbor is to be honest and respectful. The new few methods will help you communicate what you are experiencing to your apartment neighbor, and hopefully help both of you find an agreement that allows both of you to live peacefully.

Lead by Example

Before you accuse your apartment neighbor of being inconsiderable, you should consider all of your habits that might be bothering them. Do you hit snooze until your dog barks to wake in the morning? Do you ever have loud conversations or debates with some of your roommates or friends? Do you sing along to music late at night? Your neighbor might be noisy because they are trying to drown you out. Either way, coming to grips with your flaws will help you approach your loud neighbor with a much more understanding approach.

Discuss it With Them

Don’t try to shout at your loud neighbor to “quiet down” through the wall that you share. Instead, try to ring their doorbell or knock to have a face-to-face conversation. Try politely and respectfully to explain that you can hear them and that it’s bothering you. It may help if you explain exactly how the noise is bothering you. Do you have to wake up early in the morning for work? Do you have to work form home and hop on conference calls? Do you have a kid that has to nap? Your neighbor may not be aware of your circumstances. Letting them know why their sound bothers you may help you both agree when noise is alright and when it’s disruptive.

Contact Your Landlord

If everything else fails, you might speak to your apartment landlord. You might be hesitant to take this step, but you have to remember that you’re paying rent just like your neighbors, for the right to be comfortable inside your own living space. Your landlord or manager can talk with your noisy neighbor and convince them to keep the noise down, but they can also back up their requests with authority that you do not have.

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