Apartment Cleaning Tips to Consider

Apartment cleaning can help everyone involved at the end of the day.

Whether you’re finally moving out of your current apartment to get that security deposit back or you’re just looking to tidy things up, cleaning is always necessary. Apartment cleaning can help everyone involved at the end of the day, including your friends, family, pets, neighbors, and landlord, especially. If you do a bang-up job, you might get some nice compliments and feel good about the state of your living space. But where should you start? And what should you even spend time on cleaning? Here are some of the best apartment cleaning tips to consider next time you decide to spruce up your rental space.

Apartment Cleaning Your Kitchen

Whether you’re a professional chef or known for bringing home takeout, you’ve likely used your kitchen a bunch of times to prepare, store, clean, throw away, or eat food. Over time, this can lead to a few messes which need a bit of elbow grease to remove. For your stovetops, use a razor blade to scrape food off glass burners, and spray with vinegar to wipe and clean. To clean your dishwasher, empty it, remove the bottom rack, place some white vinegar on the upper rack, and run it through. Sprinkle some baking soda along the bottom to keep it smelling and looking clean.

Apartment Cleaning Your Floors

Your apartment floors take a lot of abuse. You walk, dance, sit, and maybe even sleep on them, as well as your pets, if you’ve got any. Your floors have the potential to become very dirty. While a regular vacuuming or sweep will remove a surface layer of crumbs and dust, you’ll have to get in there to clean them effectively. For stained tile grout, remove the stains and any dirt by vacuuming and mopping it down first. Then spray the floor down with some grout cleaner, and use a small brush to scrub in between the tiles. Make sure to test the product first on a smaller area, as some vinegar solutions could harm the grout. For apartment cleaning your carpets, take some ice cubes on the carpet dents. Let them melt and then use a metal spoon to re-straighten and lift the fibers.

Apartment Cleaning Your Balcony

To effectively clean up your apartment balcony, make sure to remove all furniture or shrubbery you might have set up out there. Take a broom and sweep up any debris that might be on the floor, and make sure to wipe down the windows and doors as well.

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