5 Of The Best Decorating Ideas For Pet Friendly Apartments

There can be a lot to think about when decorating pet friendly apartments.

Living in pet friendly apartments allows you to keep your furry friend close, but there’s an element of responsibility there as well. One task that pet owners must wrangle that combines the joys of pet ownership, as well as some of those responsibilities, is decorating. It’s all about finding the right balance between your needs, your pet’s needs, and keeping everything stylish at the same time. There can be a lot to think about when decorating pet friendly apartments, but we’ve got five fantastic decorating ideas to share with you.

1. Using Floor Rugs in Your Pet Friendly Apartments 

Area rugs may seem like a solid plan, but you may want to reconsider. Think about all the smells and bacteria that a rug is going to soak up, particularly if your pet has an accident. With hardwood or other hard floors, you can just wipe it up. However, pet friendly apartments decked out with carpets may benefit from area rugs, as they can be cleaned easier than your carpets can.

2. Dedicated Spaces

If you’ve got the space in your apartment for a dedicated play area, or even just a corner of your living room to keep all your pet’s toys, it’s a great idea. Some pet parents go all out with an entire room dedicated to their pets! That may be excessive, but some small dedicated space does help a pet feel at home.

3. Coordinated Colors

When shopping for all your pet necessities, try to find items that match one another in terms of similar colors. Feeding bowls, beds, and even toys can all be coordinated to create a nice, consistent look. Making your pet’s items blend in helps them feel like they’re actually part of your apartment and not just an afterthought.

4. Go Vertical

Take advantage of all that wall space you’ve got when decorating. While tables or bookshelves are great for storing your items, you’re also running the risk of your dog running into that furniture and hurting themselves or your valuables. Instead, think about how you can use floating shelves to keep items off the floor and make for a more open space that is suitable for pets.

5. Incorporate Fabrics for Your Pet Friendly Apartments

Whenever you’re using fabrics in your home, think about your pets too! Is that new couch going to be completely covered in dog hair in a month or two? Can you get fur, or worse yet—stains, cleaned easily? More elegant fabrics such as silk or velvet are definitely bad choices for pet owners. Faux leather or ultra-suede can be good, pet-friendly choices. 

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