Unsafe Methods for Heating your Apartment

Think twice before you pursue any of these unsafe methods for heating up your apartment.

Losing your heat is never fun, especially with the chilly winter months approaching. If the heater in your apartment isn’t working correctly during a cold stretch, you might feel tempted to raise the temperature in any way possible. Before you get too creative, take a moment to think about the dangers of some alternative heating options. Think twice before you pursue any of these unsafe methods for heating up your apartment. They could cause significant destruction to you and your apartment.

Running Your Shower

If your apartment’s heat isn’t working too well, then you might have no problem running your water extremely hot. As hot as it could get in some cases. This might lead you to consider running your shower at the absolute warmest setting while leaving your bathroom door open, with the ultimate goal of having the hot bathroom air spread throughout your apartment. However, running your shower on the hottest setting with your door open will only heat your bathroom and maybe the hallway or room right next to your bathroom only. Because the source of heat is very limited to just the water coming from the shower faucet, this won’t adequately heat the rest of your apartment very effectively – if at all.

Turning on Your Oven

Ovens work to do their job well, which is to cook food. But just because your oven is a heat source, you might be a bit tempted to try to use to heat your apartment as well. This is a bad idea for a handful of reasons:

  • Possible injuries: Leaving your oven door open or stovetop burners on creates a severe burn risk
  • Possible Co2 poisoning: if you’ve got a gas oven in your apartment and don’t use it the right way, you could suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Candle Lighting

Candles are nice decorations. They add some accent lighting along with a specific aroma and scent to your space. But you should not rely on candles to heat your apartment for you. First, while candles do add a bit of extra warmth to your place, it’s certainly not enough to heat your entire apartment if the heat isn’t working correctly in the first place. Candles are also a fire risk. Every candle you continue to light up increases the chances of a possible fire if they’re knocked over. If you need a quick fix to heat your apartment, consider buying a space heater.

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